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The Good News

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The Good News - Page 3 Empty Re: The Good News

Post by LizzyNY Fri 19 May 2023, 12:24

This is refreshing. After seeing all the YT videos of kids who can't even find the USA on a map, it's nice to know there are still some smart kids left in this country. Congratulations to him and his sister (college grad at 15!). Their parents have obviously done something right!
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The Good News - Page 3 Empty Re: The Good News

Post by annemariew Wed 15 May 2024, 18:19

[size=39]17-Year-Old Chicago Girl Graduates with Doctoral Degree: ‘The World Is My Oyster’
"I feel like that urge to learn something new just never didn't exist for me," Dr. Dorothy Jean Tillman said of her desire for education
Kimberlee Speakman
Published on May 15, 2024 10:53AM EDT



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The Good News - Page 3 Dorothy-Jean-Tillman-17-Year-Old-Chicago-Girl-Graduates-with-Doctoral-Degree-051524-aae2036083354ba6bd3bac62557cf60a
Dr. Dorothy Jean Tillman. PHOTO: 

A 17-year-old from Chicago has graduated from university after achieving an enormous accomplishment — obtaining her doctoral degree.
Dorothy Jean Tillman graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) on Monday, May 6, after earning her doctoral degree in integrated behavioral health, according to Good Morning America
It’s the latest in a long line of educational achievements for the graduate, who started dual enrollment for high school courses at just 8-years-old before earning her associate’s degree in psychology from the College of Lake County at age 10 and her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Excelsior College at age 12.
Tillman, who can now be called Dr. Tillman, told GMA that her family, and in particular her grandmother who was “part of the Civil Rights movement” had encouraged her to gain knowledge and “harped on the importance of education and consistently learning something always.” 

The Good News - Page 3 Dorothy-Jean-Tillman-17-Year-Old-Chicago-Girl-Graduates-with-Doctoral-Degree-051524-2-cd7ea69fc88e450db808c5a72a3e24c6
Dr. Dorothy Jean Tillman with her grandmother and mother. 

14-Year-Old Chicago Girl Earns Her Master's Degree: 'You Have to Be Dedicated'
However, she also noted that she herself had sought out achieving her own educational goals. 
"But the way I always held education so high on my own, aside from being raised that way, was [by] finding different things to be educated about," she shared. "I feel like that urge to learn something new just never didn't exist for me."
Tillman earned her master’s degree at the age of 14, and a year later, was accepted into the Doctorate of Behavioral Health Management program at ASU. In December 2023, she successfully defended her dissertation to finally earn her doctorate’s degree — becoming the youngest person to do so at the school, per GMA.

The Good News - Page 3 Dorothy-Jean-Tillman-17-Year-Old-Chicago-Girl-Graduates-with-Doctoral-Degree-051524-3-46717182436e4f6894a15f789e04ada5

Dorothy Jean Tillman. 

Quadruplets Homeschooled Together Since 3rd Grade Graduate from Same College: 'Going to Have a Party!'
Dr. Lesley Manson, a clinical associate professor at ASU, who oversaw Tillman’s dissertation, described her to the outlet as "inquisitive" and "innovative," and noted that the student’s achievement at such a young age is a big one. 
"It's a wonderful celebration ... but this is still something so rare and unique," Manson said. "She has innovative ideas and motivation, which is wonderful, and truly, I think what is inspiring is that she embodies that meaning of being a true leader."
As for what Tillman wants to do next, she told GMA that she’s still “figuring out what my specific dreams and goals are" just like “any other teenager."

The Good News - Page 3 Dorothy-Jean-Tillman-17-Year-Old-Chicago-Girl-Graduates-with-Doctoral-Degree-051524-1-9ac47240df874729bfaae94d26670aea

Dr. Dorothy Jean Tillman. 

Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer​​, from celebrity news to compelling human interest stories. 
"I'm really just grateful that the world is my oyster, and that I've done so much so young," she added. "And I have time to kind of think that through."
The graduate also said that what she wanted people to take away from her story was that it is okay to continue to figure out what you want to while continuing your education goals.
"Figuring things out, not knowing what you want isn't a bad thing. But making the choice not to sit down and try to figure it out is," she said.[/size]

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