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Sandra Bullock loses out on Oscars

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Sandra Bullock loses out on Oscars Empty Sandra Bullock loses out on Oscars

Post by Katiedot Tue 04 Mar 2014, 03:19

LizzyNY wrote:Am I the only one who thinks Sandy Bullock gave the performance of her life in Gravity? I hope she gets a shot at another role as good as this was.
Hi LizzyNY, I thought it better to reply to your question in another thread here so as not to take the other thread too off topic.

I think I'm in the minority here, but no, I didn't think she gave her best performance. I think technically it may have been a really hard role (I mean in physical terms, hanging from wired and stuff) but the acting itself struck me as typical Sandra Bullock.

Apart from that scene in the Chinese space station where she seems ready to give up, it's pretty much 90-minutes of her going 'Oooh', 'ugh', 'eee' and various pants and sighs. I found it annoying. She seems to like to portray herself as a klutz who bumps into things and falls over and I didn't think she brought anything more than the usual Sandra Bullock-ness to the role.

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Sandra Bullock loses out on Oscars Empty Re: Sandra Bullock loses out on Oscars

Post by NotAvailable Tue 04 Mar 2014, 05:47

Like many other stars of older times, I felt she always brought some of herself into the characters she portrayed. I saw it as the personal touch. many do do this, but sometimes we might not notice. I had not noticed this with her until I thought over her many roles. She does bring a personal touch to her roles.

Many famous names of big stars of the past became well known and "bigger than life" thru this method of acting. John Wayne, Victor Mature, Vincent Price, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, Noel Coward, Spencer Tracey, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Betty Davis, Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, and many more greats.

Their "personalities" on films seem to blend in with their very real characters at times. Now obviously, not all the things about a character would be real, but enough of them in it, to know that familiar touch. I have noticed too, that much of George does go into his characters. But its his way of working out the character's personality in each plot.

The American was an opposite of that. But he got a chance to explore things within personalities with that character. Women may feel that the way the character treated women, would somehow be a part of him, but to my reflected thought on his many interviews, I don't get that.

I feel he may be much more of a gentleman than what he has been able to show of his true personality, in public. Some of the muddy stories have smeared that up a bit by how they depict his relationships. You must know, PR and gossip tends toward one thing. A salable image.

Products need to get attention and the actors are the pivotal tool used to do that. And of course, the "partners" with them, are meant to aid that. Thats also what a public PR related GF or BF will be for. But not all stars utilize that tool as effectively as George has.

Well, its my reflection on it, just from observing.
More than a little bit enthusiastic about Clooney

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