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George's Laglio Hairdresser

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George's Laglio Hairdresser Empty George's Laglio Hairdresser

Post by party animal - not! Thu 07 May 2020, 16:13

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party animal - not!
George Clooney fan forever!

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George's Laglio Hairdresser Empty Re: George's Laglio Hairdresser

Post by annemarie Thu 07 May 2020, 16:20

Clooney's barber lowers the "Goodbye after 72 years" shutter Achille Taroni, 84, 72 of whom spent as barber
Wednesday 06 May 2020
 Clooney's barber

lower the damper

«Farewell after 72 years»

Laglio: Achille Taroni, a life with the scissors in his hands

And a long association with the actor from the USA

Scissor and comb, beard and hair for 72 long years of work. A life lived inside the small shop with that sign on a white and red background, "barber", in the heart of all the people of Laglio but not only.

Achille Taroni, in Laglio, is a real legend and it is difficult to imagine the country without its raised shutter, the greeting with a nod to those who pass away and the chatter to be exchanged inside, but for "ul barbee" The time has come to say enough, to put the work tools in the drawer and enjoy the pension, even with a lump in the throat for the nostalgia that is already felt.

Achille's shop is like it used to be: you don't make an appointment, you pass by and, if the barber is already busy, you wait your turn inside. If he reopened, Achille would have to sanitize the room, wear gloves and a mask and, above all, receive only by appointment. The biggest obstacle, however, is due to a physical problem for which reaching the shop every day and standing 7/8 hours, as it did until a few months ago, is no longer feasible.

Achille became known nationwide for being a trusted barber and friend of George Clooney, who received him directly at Villa Oleandra during his stay in Laglio, to get his hair fixed. "I have served him with pleasure for many years - adds Achille - for me it was a satisfaction". (Daniela Colombo)

The complete article on La Provincia on Wednesday 6 May

Over the Clooney moon

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George's Laglio Hairdresser Empty Re: George's Laglio Hairdresser

Post by LizzyNY Thu 07 May 2020, 16:53

Smile Good grief! He's been working since he was 12!  affraid I think it's safe to say he's earned a rest. I guess Georg will have to find a new barber. I wonder if we'll see a change in his look?
Casamigos with Mr Clooney

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George's Laglio Hairdresser Empty Re: George's Laglio Hairdresser

Post by heartlove Thu 07 May 2020, 17:05

If George Clooney needs a barber I'm available.


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George's Laglio Hairdresser Empty Re: George's Laglio Hairdresser

Post by Sponsored content

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