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George Clooney Divorcing Amal?

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George Clooney Divorcing Amal? Empty George Clooney Divorcing Amal?

Post by ladybugcngc Mon 11 Nov 2019, 11:17

[size=48]Truth About George Clooney Divorcing Amal[/size]
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By Andrew Shuster | 5:02 pm, October 28, 2019

There have been many false tabloid stories about George Clooney divorcing his wife Amal, despite the spouses of five years remaining happily married. Gossip Cop has debunked many phony takes on the subject. Here are a few wrong rumors we’ve corrected.

In June, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for falsely claiming George stormed out on Amal and took their twins to a safe house because her political work had put their family in danger of terrorist threats. According to the magazine, the actor was “livid” with his wife for putting their family at risk though her humanitarian efforts, and was hiding out with their babies in Sardinia while she took on her case against ISIS. The outlet further contended the “stress and tension” of the situation was destroying the couple’s marriage.
The bogus report was concocted after George said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that his family was dealing with “real security issues” as a result of his wife’s case against ISIS. However, the actor didn’t place any blame on Amal, and he fully supports her career as a political activist. The actor even made a point of noting in that same interview, “We live our lives. We don’t hide in corners.” Additionally, George’s own spokesperson told us on the record that the article was total nonsense. The story was also poorly-time as that same week, the Clooneys launched a charity contest giving fans the chance to have dinner with them at their Lake Como home.
In February, Gossip Cop called out Life & Style for wrongly reporting George was ending his marriage to Amal, and the two were headed for a $500 million divorce and custody battle. The tabloid maintained that the spouses were constantly fighting as a result of their “clashing personalities,” and George had finally told his wife that “their relationship is over.” One of the main issues, according to the outlet, was that the actor wanted to live in Los Angeles and hang out with his Hollywood pals, while the human rights attorney wanted to remain in Europe and get her husband to be more politically-minded.

Just one week before the phony story emerged, George and Amal attended Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party. Shortly after that, they were spotted on a romantic date night at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood. Amal clearly doesn’t have an issue hanging out with her husband’s Hollywood circle, just as he doesn’t have any problem supporting his wife’s humanitarian endeavors. The idea that the spouses don’t get along because they work in different industries simply isn’t true.
And in October 2018, the Globe published an article alleging George was divorcing Amal while she was pregnant with their third child. The tabloid maintained that the actor couldn’t stand his wife’s “demanding behavior” and was tired of “getting beaten down by her intellect and superior way of speaking.” The outlet also claimed George had secretly consulted with lawyers to ensure that his wife doesn’t try to walk away with his fortune and get custody of their kids.
Nothing about the tabloid’s article was realistic. For starters, George and Amal have both said many times that they aren’t having a third child. As time has proven, the human rights lawyer wasn’t pregnant. And just a couple of weeks before the magazine printed its story, the actor jokingly referred to himself as “Mr. Amal Clooney” at Variety’s annual Power of Women luncheon. It’s quite clear the actor has never felt “beaten down” by his wife, and instead respects her hard work. As opposed to getting a divorce, George and Amal celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last month.
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