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GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie

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GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie Empty GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie

Post by lelacorb Sun 13 Oct 2013, 07:56

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From baseball movie
By Frank Rousseau on October 11, 2013

Sports and me. Me and the sport ...
At school, I preferred to spend my sports field rather than having your nose in a book. I'm not getting along poorly baseball. At 16, I even considered joining the Cincinnati Reds, but they did not want me. Today, with a few more years, I find that my back and my knees are bothering me every time I power a little too much on my treadmill. If my kneecaps were ten years younger, I might as galloping faster and jump higher to put more balls in the basket when I play basketball. Sometimes I say I'd love to be the new Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man. Be bionic to be faster, better, stronger!

The country that gives me the urge to laze ...
Italy! I love this country for its melting prosciutto and quality of its wines, because I am a professional drinker. I invite my fellow citizens to travel more often outside the United States and to eat something other than burgers. I also invites them to not put their socks with sandals and no longer wear shorts with flowers and T-shirt with beer names listed above!

The diet that I do not recommend ...
The Syriana diet! I had to take 15 pounds in 30 days for this film. I incarnated Robert Baer, ​​a CIA officer chubby Cold War period. I was feeding me that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Ultimately, I was sick and I struggled to lose the extra pounds. I spent hours in the gym. I'm sure people thought I was trying to get the figure of Schwarzenegger!

A healthy motto ...
"A healthy mind in a healthy body. "If I had children, my first instinct would be to detoxify social networks and mobile phones. It ensures that these tools are used to communicate, I do not agree. I think instead they enclose and isolate. When I see a teenager frantically tapping on the keyboard of the iPhone, I have only one desire: to go see him and invite him to cycling, basketball, short, to spend and leave the "camisoles "technology.

I like judo. When I catch him, I let not taken.

A sports addiction ...
As I travel a lot, I love to follow the meetings Football on the Net. I look at the player profiles, information about me on their previous performance, analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team ... I redo the game, eh? Typing on my keyboard, I have the feeling of being a little coach and it's very enjoyable!

If I had to play as a champion ...
There are so many! One thing is certain: if tomorrow I was offered to play a sport that thrives on EPO, do not expect me to shoot me (laughs)! Ditto for a serial killer. I would not knock my family history to be credible on the screen.

A common point between the movies and sports ...
Perseverance. The desire to excel. I like judo. When I catch him, I let not taken.

The job that made ​​me sweat more ...
I worked for a time in the tobacco fields in the middle of August. At the end of the day, I had the stewed kidneys and I was dripping. I was also in hardware handler. I could not feel my legs as I ran everywhere. Then I sold sneakers. A nice job. I was amused to the 43 clients who were doing 36.

Competition on the asphalt ...
I had a Tango before Tesla. We did not care about me. This looks like a two-seater Smart, but also cubic. In the meantime, what acceleration! One day at a red light, I found myself next to a Porsche. The guy in his car looked at me mockingly. When the light turned green, I cranked the car. The guy was literally stuck on site (laughs)!

This is not sport ...
Well before drinking Nespresso, I shot two rather incompatible pubs. One to praise the handling of a Fiat car and one for the Martini. However, it is well known, drink or drive, you must choose!

When I hear the word "dumbbell" I think ...
Oddly, I do not think of me! Lift the cast has never been my thing. This word reminds me of Alexander Payne, director of Descendants. He came spent three weeks in my house on Lake Como in the preparation of the film. He traveled light and only had hand luggage with him. At the time of his departure, I gently placed a 25 pound dumbbell in her bag. He called me from London to tell me he had been arrested by the police. The latter did not understand why he was carrying a dumbbell in his luggage! At the other end of the line, he kept insulting me.

Traslate from french into english by google!!!!
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GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie Empty Re: GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie

Post by it's me Sun 13 Oct 2013, 10:09

lot of old stuff... but this judo????

plus kids thing
find it new
or not??
it's me
it's me
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GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie Empty Re: GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie

Post by Mazy Sun 13 Oct 2013, 21:17

Thanks lelacorb really nice article to add to my collection, thanks again
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GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie Empty Re: GEORGE CLOONEY From baseball movie

Post by Sponsored content

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